Saturday, April 14, 2007

Inside Christian Duque's Head

Southern Sounding @ Times

Listening to Chip Morris everyday, dating southern girls, & listening to country here and there, sometimes this Hispanic-American transplant from Miami that loves rural Alachua county towns -- sounds country (lol).

If you didn't hear the video, let me reiterate for the upteenth time, this post is about the election (not '06). I was able to most of the election stuff off my chest, but there's still a bit more. I'm really interested in hearing from Charlie, Mr. Jones, Mr. Calderwood, Mr. Canney, Mr. Dupont, Ms. McCoy, Ms. Kenyon, & others on the following point:

  • With the precedent set by the ACSO at the Rec Center, could we see more interventions like this in the future? Sources from ACSO tell me that even if the "Rec Center" wasn't in unincorporated county area, they could effectively go anywhere in the county incorporated or unincorporated and take charge. When Grapski is arrested at the City Commission (an instance of inappropriate police force by Mayor Calderwood), Charlie tells Michael [Canney] to call the Sheriff's office."
  • If somehow Charlie could file papers (e.g. a restraining order), or something outlandish against the city and could somehow warrant the presence of a member of the ACSO at a City Commission meeting, then effectively protecting him from unlawful detainment by APD under orders of the Commission, then what means of recourse would the COA/APD have? -- Yes it's crackpot, but can ya blame me? I mean precedent has now been set at the Rec. Center and APD stood down.
    Grapski/AC =1, COA/APD = 0.

  • (2006 Election) Clovis Watson has said the City will govern in the Sunshine. My question is, what files have been requested by Charlie that have not been rendered. File names please.

  • I would like to someone to explain what the ALA is. I welcome explanations from both sides. Please don't refer me to a website though, I'd like to read introspective explanations, opinons, etc.

  • Excellent Letter from Eileen McCoy. I would like to learn more about Tamara Robbins time on the commission, is there anywhere I can obtain videos or minutes? I'm very intrigued by her and would like to learn more. I have her phone number in my files somwhere and will probably call her tomorrow at some point.

  • Charlie called and left a message, I also saw his posts on Ala-Chua. I'm grateful that he'll speak with me, I was tied up today, posting and then running out to run errands and hit the gym, but I'll definitely try and call one of these days.

  • Again congrats to Mayor Calderwood (a nice lady) & Commissioner Burgess (a reserved, but professional leader). Congrats to Charlie for securing 20%+ and solidifying himself as a candidate by widening the parameters of his crusade to start including key issues to the citizens of Alachua. His arrest truly made my stomach turn, but my feelings on that have been well-documented. Also want to send HUGE congrats and praise to Michael Perkins: bravo to you for coming clean about your past, bravo to you for running for office, bravo to you for finding the Lord, caring about your community, and standing for probably the hardest race of all, not the Establishment-candidate, not the radical-candidate, but the middle-of-the-road, political new-comer looking to do good. Very proud of you Mr. Perkins.

Also, I plan on keeping an open mind on the Alachua County Today and hope to hear from Mr. Boukari real soon. Anytime I stick my foot in my mouth, realize I don't call myself "The OUtsider" for nothin. As many of you will come to find out, I tend to wear my feelings on my sleeve and I tend to think with my heart a little too often, meaning that I get very passionate about my beliefs.

While I know there folks that can easily manipulate others politically, I know that in the 60's many political organizations manipulated entire audiences through such modes of defiance as passive resistance, human-chains, and sit-ins. When I see charlie being hauled off and I hear the officer that tells him not to kick, part of me wants to go through the police academy and get hired, just so I can open up a can of whoop-ass on that officer. Then on the other hand, I try to rationalize the situation and think to myself what must have been going through that officer's mind at the time. Then I think, Charlie passively resisted on word of his attorney and on the documentary him and Mr. Miller are laughing at it, similar to the court exchange with Robert Rush, then I wonder if perhaps any of this was scripted, then I feel confused, feel like a moron, and try to think about something else just so I won't think I'm feeble-minded.

Talk about being honest. I'm no rocket-scientist folks, that I'll readily admit. I offer you an inside look into what's on my mind. I'm a peace-loving, vegetarian giant, but I do tend to think with my heart and that's not always the best hat to wear.

Take Care.


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