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Charles Grapski's Shocking eMail!

Alachua activist & former UF Professor Charles Grapski is fending off criminal charges and waging legal battles of his own against the City of Alachua,FL, on myriad of issues. Grapski, a self-proclaimed member of the Alachua County Republican Party, recently submitted this letter to fellow Alachua activist, albeit a political rival, Hugh "Bud" Calderwood. Grapski was asked to confirm whether said email was in fact his work, but both requests were met with silence.

Sent: 5/17/2008 2:06:20 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Sorry you couldn't make it to Tallahassee

I can't wait to see the 'spin' you and your 'little buddy' Boukari try and make of this '“ but you did not fair very well before the Elections Commission today. Nor, exactly, did your co-conspirator Harold Wise and thereby on two counts your little venture coordinated with Stafford Jones is headed down for a big whopping defeat. And perhaps more. I believe that on the basis of what I have in evidence from the result of the investigation of the Election Commission into your charges that I have a few charges to bring against you '“ either to the Election's Commission or perhaps straight to a more 'tougher' court of law (after all one of the charges under Chapter 106 resulting from your filing a charge against me '“ is not merely an FEC issue but is one in which you may face criminal liability ('too bad, so sad' I think is a little phrase you recently used).

But I was truly disappointed by the failure to see your smarmy face as your allegations were torn apart and your evidence shown to be a sham. You, and your little ventriloquist dummy of a wife whereby you vicariously 'act' as if you were a political official, or in your view a (amateur at best '“ but with the same standards of scruples and ethics (an utter absence thereof)) 'the Karl Rove' of Alachua (or as you would think of yourself and your compatriots '“ the 'political geniuses' that you clearly are not).

Please come to the next one. I'd love to see your face when they dismiss ALL of your charges. Today they took the first step. The 'investigative staff' of the Commission, which is somewhat independent of the Commission itself (the actual authorities), deems themselves as if they are your advocates. Not exactly their actual role '“ but they are as misinformed about law and politics (and their jobs) as are your wife and her common-bed-fellows in Alachua (not to mention the completely clueless Mr. Watson).

While the chair correctly concluded, by law, that 3 of the 4 counts that the Commission staff recommended to find probable cause (out of nine '“ from which they 'extended' your original four) needed to be dismissed for lack of probable cause (2 and 3 as not being in the scope of your actual complaint '“ and therefore legally prohibited from being considered) and the fourth (your attempt to make an issue of the Canney check) was, by law, not a violation.

Unfortunately one other Commissioner added back 2 and 3 '“ although this ignored the Chair's ruling (and he, by the way, is an actual judge '“ and it appears a pretty competent and knowledgeable one '“ unlike your shill Roundtree) that these are not within the legal authority of the Commission to hear because they were not in your complaint but made up by the Commission to 'try' and add charges (and to try and strengthen your pathetically weak complaint '“ which, by the way, was a sworn statement containing lies (otherwise known as 'perjury' in the legal world – so WATCH OUT Mr. C '“ you are setting yourself up for a BIG FALL '¦ and don't even recognize that you are your own worst enemy '“ and that you respond to my actions PERFECTLY within the 'strategic' world-view that I am operating under (I have no problem telling you what I am doing openly and up front '“ you are naive and stupid to actually 'get it' anyway) in such a way that it is what YOU do, not what I do directly (I guess your actions are indirect consequences thereof though), is what is going to bring down YOU and all of your corrupt little buddies and the nice little scam/farce that you have set up in Alachua.

So they had to agree with me that of the four complaints you filed – numbers 1, 2, and 3 were not legally sufficient within the jurisdiction of the elections commission – and so they went 'bye bye'. And thus we were left with number 4. And that contained two actual issues '“ although you did not seem to understand that and wrote them as one (a really weakly worded filing '“ you should have asked your buddy Marian to write it for you '“ although she is no legal “mind†of note '“ she does have the ability to 'write' legal motions that, at least on the surface (if one does not actually know the law), APPEAR to be properly formulated. And thus the second part of number 4 of your complaint '“ about Canney's check '“ well it too went 'bye bye'.

This left the first part of that (what you referred to as the G1 and G2 reports '“ of course no such statutorily enacted report goes by such references '“ but I conceded to the Commission that I would recognize that as the 'spirit' of what is contained in that statute and would grant that, for 'probable cause' purposes (which has nothing to do with the actual evidence – although I got a good bit of that in there too) '“ it could be moved on to the next, evidentiary, step.

But one of the Commissioners wanted 'actual proof' that your wife and her compatriots declared themselves the victors and disqualified all the challengers '“ even though they had some evidence. I was, legally, precluded from providing that in yesterday's hearing. But I did inform their staff what they should have gotten. And although they did not thoroughly investigate '“ and thus did not obtain that '“ the investigator had to admit, indeed, that this is what the evidence she had in her investigation showed.

So I simply have to prove (not exactly hard) at the next hearing that the City disqualified me (not to mention all the other challengers) and declared your little Misses elected without challenge (you chicken '“ couldn't face that possibility of her being resoundingly defeated a SECOND TIME could you) '“ and those three will also be thrown out, not really on an evidentiary hearing, but on the lack of probable cause. If we got beyond that to the evidentiary hearing '“ it was clear that you would also lose (and lose in an embarrassing way).

Unfortunately I was kind of hoping that I would not have prevailed so strongly in your case '“ but would have the staff try and move this on '“ and send it to the Office of Administrative Hearings to be heard in FULL TRIAL before an Administrative Law Judge. I SOOOOOO wanted to depose you and put you and your little wife on the stand. And in this case '“ I have chosen to represent myself '“ and believe me, Prof. Little goes 'lightly' (although very 'wisely' and 'sufficiently') on witnesses '“ I would have reveled in the ability to tear you a new (or a few new) rectum. Oh how I relished that chance. And to put Henderson and Watson on the stand too – now that would have been fun.

Technically it's still a possibility. I could fail to provide the evidence at the next hearing of the disqualifications and the cancellation of the election (an act that no 'reasonable' person could look at and not wonder '“ just what in the world were those idiots thinking! And they are public officials!!) And then we could go to the Administrative Court. Heck '“ I could just file a motion right now to do just that. And put you in the cross-hairs of my examination. You may think little of me and that I know not what I am doing (but that is really you trying to use wishful thinking to prop up the ***** you have created as a world view).

I do get this opportunity with Mr. Wise. And well, while I really don't need to put him on to testify, I think I will at least depose him and have him testify as to what he was up to and how he got into this case. Oh that should be a doosy. But the real issues going there are not so much about the charges that he brought (one of which was dismissed) the other was allowed to go past the 'probable cause' stage (although I made one error today '“ that had a I caught on to in time '“ would have, according to the chair's statements, pretty much ended that farcical charge (and you guys make claims to 'frivolous' lawsuits) '“ but unfortunately I did not. I will rectify the record in writing on that point '“ which I think, whether the Commission will then reconsider it on that basis, or whether that issue goes to the Administrive Law Judge '“ will be sufficient to end the process (but it is about the wrongdoing of your little misguided allies doing the 'investigation' (thinking they are supposed to investigate as if they were your advocates '“ and try and win at any cost (like Mr. Cervone and Mr. Fleck '“ who are equally ignorant of their actual proper role in their positions of public service for the judicial branch of government)).

But as a result, it looks like Mr. Wise just may be in for more trouble than he expected when Stafford conned him into being his shill in this, as the result of this is going to likely lead to a decision awarding costs '“ and those costs just may be (as the judge acting as chair himself pointed out) quite hefty. I think when I dismiss your claims '“ I can make an argument for costs against you too. Probably will. What they heck '“ I love the idea of you funding my next legal venture into exposing the corruption of which you are a central player '“ I should. But you should be happy that at that level you will have more of a chance of getting away with much of that '“ particularly since I have not really incurred too much expense '“ whereas going to the Administrative Hearings court '“ now then, in your case, we would be talking about probably $40,000-$50,000 that I could have the Court award me for your 'frivolous' (not just that '“ but legally INSUFFICIENT '“ as well as factually 'incorrect' (my polite way of saying your deliberate lies and deceptions contained therein) foray down this path. And Oh how I reveled in that opportunity. No matter '“ you will soon be receiving notification of you and your wife being charged with some major serious civil offenses and I think that the outcome of that will be punishment enough for your little escapades and deals.

I just figured I'd drop you a line '“ before you got notice of what happened '“ and without trying to understand it fully (only trying to find a way to spin it through the Boukari Bunch '“ who have no journalistic training (formal or informal) and thus wouldn't know how to 'analyze' the crap you shovel to them and they so willingly put in print (another practice that just may be leading to their own demise legally '“ with some very defamatory statements that they have been notified of printing '¦ you see, unlike in the days of Diana and Tamara, with their anonymous and not-so anonymous propaganda attacks on behalf of the City's controlling 'cabal'(your little group of 'friends'), I do not stand still for these and do take action under the law. And do it well. As does Prof. Little who you are so eager to verbally discredit (only showing those who may even 'like' or 'associate' with you how ignorant and naive you are '“ as Prof. Little's reputation with REPUBATABLE lawyers is quite high. Yes, I know Fleck and Cervone don't like him (but then again '“ they don't like that he won't play their game, which they confuse as 'the law,' and actually approaches law from an informed and well-read UNDERSTANDING of the ACTUAL point and purpose of law and its proceedings and rules) and I know Robert Rush hates him (I'm sure that goes double for his munchkin sized sister (you decide whether I refer to her physical attributes or whether this is a reference to her brain) '“ but that is because Rush likes the 'image' he works so hard to foster as a 'lawyer for the people' and a 'good one' at that. Good, perhaps, in the case victories (usually against criminals in public service '“ ironically the fact that he is the attorney representing the crimes of those officials in Alachua which has rendered his 'reputation' in legal circles the OPPOSITE of that image he had worked so hard to foster) '“ and going up against Little only frustrates him (he can't just play his little 'lawyering' games but has to try and get to the same level of LEGAL knowledge as that of Prof. Little) because it shows just how LITTLE of the law Mr. Rush actually knows and understand.

But thanks for the opportunity to expose the 2007 election fraud. Again '“ it would have been much better had I not been so successful yesterday with the Commission. A full administrative law hearing would have entailed a hearing on the FACTS of that incredibly illegal and unethical farce of a process '“ and thus would have been placing the City on the stand effectively as a defendant '“ to defend those indefensible actions. And oh how that video would make good you tube viewing. By the way '“ you'll be able to watch yesterday's hearings there as soon as I post that online '“ as I was able to get the Commission to allow my videotaping of the proceedings. But now there is a RECORD being created '“ in Tallahassee (not in a puppet like Roundtree's court room) '“ of what YOU, your WIFE, and the others did to try and ensure her victory UNOPPOSED. Heck '“ perhaps I may just consider a nice federal lawsuit '“ denying a person an opportunity to run for office (particularly when your wife was the direct beneficiary) '“ now that is not looked upon kindly by the federal courts '“ even under your fuhrer (the german word for leader) Mr. Bush's judiciary '“ and then again '“ by the time that gets to court '“ well, no matter what, there will be a new president. And I suspect the Justice Department of the United States government will be re-strengthened.

Get ready Mr. Calderwood. The battles have really only just begun. And you, by your own arrogant and naive actions, have only provided me the basis upon which to directly tie YOU into this war as a full-fledged defendant whose culpability and liability can very easily be proved. Just remember, in the end, and as you ponder whether you really wanted all of this hassle '“ it was you, and you alone, who put your foot into this '“ and as it will very likely turns out '“ will have thereby inserted it deep into your throat (and perhaps far enough to come out the end for which you really believed you were putting it up in my case).

If you have read this far (probably not) just think about this: you are, in effect, a CHILD (in mind at least) '“ particularly when it comes to the political (not only your view '“ the 'game' of winning; but also, and more importantly, in my view '“ the philosophical) and when it comes to the legal spheres. Keep thinking I am all those things you believe '“ and say. It is only reinforcing your willingness to step right into the traps that I so 'openly' (and without trying to disguise or camouflage) walk right into.

You should have stuck to Veterinary Medicince '“ or at least the anesthesiology aspect (as I have heard you were not too good at the actual 'full doctor' part '“ and boy have I heard some stories from former 'patients' (well, their owners) of how incompetent and rude they found you to be. I never met a Veterinarian who would be described in the manner your former clients have spoken of you '“ and I have known and worked with all kinds of Vets '“ from some of the best to the more average (the only one I can consider being below average '“ well, he was the OWNER of the hospital, but suffered a stroke and really wasn't with all of his faculties. So he was limited to coming in on Thursday '“ and the policy was to schedule no visits on Thursday '“ although, and that was embarrassing those few times, some people INSISTED on having the 'doctor' look at their pet THAT DAY. So he would immediately get his finger cot and put it you know where (for any and every animal '“ even one coming in for ear mites! He had a reason – that was his stroke. But did you too have this pattern, perhaps, this 'fetish'?) Also was embarrassing would be when we would try and get any shots to be given in the back, on those days, rather than in the exam room '“ so that they could be performed by us Techs rather than the Old Doc. I remember one demanding woman who insisted on having the Doctor administer it in her presence. Luckily I and another tech saw the stream of medicine as it squirted out the other side of the dog's skin '“ for the Old Doc had put it through one end and OUT the other '“ and sort of had it squirt into our underarms. Only to convince the woman to let us get the dog in the back for some 'cleaning up' and 'perfume' (she liked that) and were able to actually re-administer the medication.

From the stories I have heard '“ your practice was about on a part of competence as those Thursday's were. And there are many ANGRY people out their that accuse you of actually having 'killed' their pets through your incompetence. Maybe that's why you feel so at home with the Watson's (and yes '“ you viciously attacked him and his appointment despite your historical revision to try and make sense of the love-fest you have for the man now), the Calderwoods (oops '“ your one of them), the Coerpers and Burgesses. Not to mention that genius of Repubican strategy '“ Stafford Jones. You know, a prominent Republic Executive Committee member (and friend of mine '“ hmm. Now how could that be. Maybe, again, that is how I get the info of what you guys are doing '“ because you are doing it with several people who LIKE and ADMIRE me and CONFIDE in me about what you are up to), I think he may have been the one who gave ME the REC phone and membership list '“ well, he mentioned that Stafford was up for election, and '“ as I am a Registered Republican '“ he asked if I (yes '“ if I) would consider challenging Stafford for the chair. Now that was a promising suggestion in so many ways. But I doubt I would do it '“ I'd hate the job. But you never know. Maybe if a few others on that Committee who I know (and although they don't tell you '“ am friends with) '“ and a few others with influence in that sphere '“ encouraged the idea '“ I would do it. But then again '“ at the local level '“ do I really want to see a competently run REC? Perhaps it is better to have Stafford. As much as he is far better than Travis Horne '“ as a person '“ amazingly enough he did a worse job directing the Committee. Now that was a shock to many. Even me.

But then again you seem to have given him delusions of grandeur by somehow convincing him to attach his wagon to that of Clovis '“ the idea of having some 'Great Black Hope' that would get all the Alachua County African American vote to switch Republican. That's a hoot. What were the results of the poll Stafford commission to see if Clovis could beat (as he thought he had the 'best chance' of doing so) Sadie in the next election. Way to go. I just wish he hadn't done the poll and gone on to run Clovis. Now that would have been entertaining. And revealing.

Oh well '“ just a friendly note since I don't see your grimaced face much these days '“ after all I am a 'terrorist' who is likely to have a Columbine style reaction and must not be allowed at City Hall '“ or at the Police Station '“ for that matter '“ because you truly fear your lives. Yet your irrational fear '“ coming from someone whose only weapons have been my voice or my pen (and behind that my knowledge and understanding) '“ suggests that it is perhaps you and your compatriots who ought to get some psychological counseling.

Any way '“ good day. So Hi to the wife for me. Hope she is well. After all I know how taxing it is on her little brain to have to be Mayor again '“ all that hard work. Oh well '“ no need to learn the laws or read the actual bases for proposals (or dig a little to find out) '“ when you just have someone pulling Watson's strings directing her and the other four bobble-heads which way to bobble '“ horizontally or vertically.

Thanks for the entertainment. I haven't had more fun 'playments' since the days of the actual sandbox. You provide me an opportunity to at least challenge you in the sandbox you have created as if it were a 'government.' But I have matured beyond the 'rules of the sandbox' and know those 'adult' concepts. You stick to repeating what you hear others tell you is the truth '“ even though they are just your sandbox buddies.

G'night my friend. Its good to have a sparring partner to help prepare me, one day, to go into the bigger battles in the bigger rings. After all '“ sparring partners let you react to their reactions '“ but hardly even inflict any significant blows (let alone wounds). Keep existing in dreamland - your self-designed world-view that makes it all OK '“ it makes my job a heck of a lot easier. Not as intellectually challenging (in the sense of a 'real' legal battle '“ testing two reasonably good but competing arguments or theories) but at least still a chance at intellectual sparring for practice. And you have encouraged me to sharpen my 'informal logical' skills to more quickly identify the fallacies which abound in your public statements (or those you make anonymously). That's another utility I have found with you and your comrades as sparring partners.

Good not, and good luck '“ as Walter Winchell and now Keith Olberman say. I know you listen to (and follow as a guru) Mr. O'Reilly. But I think you will find quite a parallel in the 'sparring' Olberman does with Bush and O'Really as I engage in with you pack of political misfits.
"Charlie is an ill person in need of medical attention. He may have a multiple personality disorder. For instance, he has insisted, numerous times, that he is a registered Republican, but no voter file has ever shown him, as such.

The current voter file has him as a Democrat registered at Michael Canney’s address, and there is no prominent person on the REC asking him to run for chair or communicating with him. I do believe that some dimension of his personality believes these things are true, though."

Stafford Jones
Alachua County REC

Grapski, who some speculate dares not engage Stafford Jones in debate, could not be reached for comment in two separate emailings. I, for one, hope Charlie will respond to this shocking letter - anywhere.


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